Some of these files have disappeared- I'm working on getting them back, but it may take a while. Thanks a million for your patience!

Many, many thanks to Brooke's site, The Old Red Hills of Home, for many of these files. Take a pause now and go check out her site. Really. It's worth it. We'll still be here when you get back. Go on, now!

The Origanal Cast Recording clips are from the fabulous Carolee Carmello site- go check that one out, too! It even has lyrics! Can we ask for anything more? :^)

All music and lyrics (except for "The Ballad of Mary Phagan") are by the divinely gifted Jason Robert Brown. I've given credit where credit is due to the MIDI sequencers.

Non-PARADE Songs

The Ballad of Mary Phagan


All The Wasted Time
by Mike Yee

All The Wasted Time
Chris's version- Thank you, Chris!

Come Up To My Office
Thanks to Chris, again!

It's Hard To Speak My Heart
What can I say? Chris is the man!

This Is Not Over Yet
Chris just rocks.

PARADE Sound Files

The Old Red Hills of Home

Come Up To My Office
Performed live by Chris Stonnell for his senior voice project.

My Child Will Forgive Me
Part One Part Two
(From the Original Cast Recording.)
Many, many thanks to Amy and the wonderful Jessica Molaskey site for this song!

This Is Not Over Yet/ Old Red Hill Of Home
(From the Tony Award broadcast)

This Is Not Over Yet
(From the Original Cast Recording)

All The Wasted Time
(From the Rosie O'Donnell Show)

(From the Original Cast Recording)

Cut from Parade

I Have Something to Say

I Didn't Do It

Cut from the album

Watson's Lullaby

Somethin' Ain't Right

It Goes On and On

With Don Stephenson as Leo Frank

How Can I Call This Home?

Come Up To My Office

All The Wasted Time


All The Wasted Time

1999 Tony Awards
Many, many thanks to Bobbie for this!!

This Is Not Over Yet




The True Story



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